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Law school applicants on the rise?

While we’ve seen law schools close, merge or suspend enrollment over the last few years, it’s not uncommon for many to assume that a legal degree has somewhat lost its luster.  However, it seems we may be mistaken.  The legal industry recently felt a glimmer of hope fueled by applicant data and new testing options. There hasn’t been a significant increase in the number of law school applicants since 2010.  … Continue reading

Another Law School Closes Its Doors

Don’t refresh your screen, yes, another law school is in the process of closing. Savannah Law School, a branch of the John Marshall Law School will be shutting down.  The shutdown comes approximately six whole years after it opened.  It joins a growing club of law schools across the U.S. that have closed or are in the process of closing.   The club includes Thomas Cooley’s Ann Arbor campus which closed … Continue reading

When a Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

If you are staring at a text message trying to decipher what the crazy looking emoji means but find yourself failing miserably, you’re not alone.  The legal industry is right there with you for the time being.  Attorneys have a challenging task when it comes to the interpretation of data, given the explosion of texting and social media.  Add emojis and emoticons to that equation and many attorneys find themselves … Continue reading

Meet Our Latest Legal Visionary

Every year, Lumen Legal attends two or more Masters Conferences. We find that they are an invaluable way to stay on top of the latest technology developments impacting the legal industry. They are usually a single day in a major city. In addition to excellent speakers, we have also met many like-minded clients at these conferences whether they’re in Chicago, Washington D.C. or Orlando. Given our positive experiences, we chose … Continue reading

Why Lumen Legal Runs on EOS

Lumen Legal uses the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) to run our company.  Every company has an operating system whether it has a name or not.  It’s the way it organizes all its human energy to meet, solve problems, plan, prioritize, follow process, communicate, measure, provide structure, clarify roles, lead and manage. There are over 50,000 companies in the world that use EOS.  It was designed for 10 to 250 person … Continue reading

Our Luminary of the Year: Katy Jones

At Lumen Legal, we started a special employee recognition program over ten years ago. It’s called the “Luminary of the Year” program after our company name, Lumen Legal. A “lumen” is a way to measure light and reminds us of the great entrepreneurial work of Thomas Edison. The “Luminary of the Year” program allows employees to recognize each other’s good work. Each time an employee notices a co-worker’s good work … Continue reading

The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to attend the 2017 NAMWOLF annual meeting and Law Firm Expo in New York City.  NAMWOLF stands for the National Association of Minority and Women-Owned Law Firms.  Although Lumen Legal isn’t a law firm, we helped sponsor the event.  The event helps connect NAMWOLF firms with in-house counsel who want to increase their diversity and inclusion spend because they believe it makes them … Continue reading

Dear White House: Record Retention is a Big Deal

During the George W. Bush Administration, an investigation found that senior White House Staff were using Republican National Committee (RNC)  email accounts to conduct official business.  The problem was that these emails were not preserved as required by the Presidential Records Act.  How many emails?   Approximately 22 million emails were destroyed. The Committee on Oversight and Government wants to ensure that history does not repeat itself and records are retained … Continue reading

Is Law School Making a Comeback?

After years of challenges and declining admissions, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel for law schools.  Are more students are considering law school as a viable career option? The ABA Journal recently reported that LSAT tests administered in December of 2016 increased 7.6% over December of 2015, as confirmed by the Law School Admission council.   Yes, the number has increased.   And that increase is the … Continue reading

Our Newest Legal Visionary: Debbie Reynolds

At Lumen Legal, we enjoy connecting with what we call legal visionaries.  A visionary is someone in the legal field who is setting the pace, thinking creatively and pushing us all to do our best.  This quarter, we spoke with Debbie Reynolds who is an expert when it comes to data privacy and its impact on e-discovery.  As a Director at EimerStahl Discovery Solutions in Chicago, this topic is a … Continue reading

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