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Every year, Lumen Legal attends two or more Masters Conferences. We find that they are an invaluable way to stay on top of the latest technology developments impacting the legal industry. They are usually a single day in a major city. In addition to excellent speakers, we have also met many like-minded clients at these conferences whether they’re in Chicago, Washington D.C. or Orlando.

Given our positive experiences, we chose the founder of the Masters Conference, Robert Childress, as our next legal visionary.  Robert has a true talent for finding exceptional speakers.  He prides himself on finding speakers who may be on the fringe – people who hold expertise in a particular subject that attorneys may not ordinarily encounter and from whose pespective they could benefit.  The speakers at Robert’s next conference are no exception.  The next Masters conference is on March 27 in San Francisco at the Bently Reserve. The focus will be on the changing world of blockchain, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

Speakers will include:

• Mark Rasmussen, a partner with Jones Day: Mark is a seasoned litigator and investigator with over a dozen years of experience representing clients in complex commercial litigation, regulatory and internal investigations, and bankruptcy litigation. He also advises clients on regulatory compliance related to cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and blockchain technology, and is actively involved in Jones Day’s blockchain initiative.

• David Roger, an adjunct professor of Forensic Technology Solutions at SMU Cox School of Business: David has sixteen years of experience working on high profile matters supporting multi-national corporations by providing solutions to complex information security and legal technology business problems.

• Kelly Twigger, the Principal of ESI Attorneys: Kelly advises clients on issues in electronic discovery, open records and FOIA, compliance and information management.

If you can’t attend the San Francisco Masters conference, there are additional events planned later this year in Chicago, Denver, New York, London, Washington D.C. and Orlando.  I encourage you to consider attending one in 2018. For more information, click here.


Chairman & CEO

With an MBA and 23 years of marketing experience, Lynn oversees Lumen’s marketing team while enjoying the daily challenges of running a national legal staffing company. She is deeply committed to protecting and growing the relationships that differentiate Lumen from others in the legal services space. Under her leadership, Lumen was also certified as a woman owned company by WBENC.

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