Modern Secondments Offer Lawyers More Career Flexibility than Ever Before


As addressed in a recent article we wrote for Attorney at Work, the “Gig Economy” has transformed today’s workforce, and legal services are no exception. Advancements in technology, a need to maximize the value of legal spending, and the desire among attorneys for more flexible career options have converged to create market supply and demand for legal gigs—not just the one-size-fits-all legal jobs of the past.

In the past, talented lawyers who were reluctant to leave law firms had fewer options. Today, they are capitalizing on new, more flexible opportunities. This shift has been fueled by corporate legal departments that are less inclined to strictly hire on-site employees and instead are searching for the right person for the job with little regard to where they might be located. In fact, corporations are increasingly taking advantage of the legal talent being aggregated by Alternative Legal Services Providers like Lumen Legal because it allows them to find the right fit without necessarily making a long-term commitment. Many of these modern secondments do, however, turn into long-term opportunities for the lawyers who prove their value to clients.

Modern secondments are allowing lawyers to achieve success in their legal careers while having the luxury of being independent, setting their own schedules, and focusing on what they do best. This flexibility, coupled with access to sophisticated work, has created an entirely new system of legal work that is paving the way for lawyers who want more options.

Learn more in our recently authored article for Attorney at Work: The Gig Economy is Creating Options for Flexibility Minded Lawyers. And click here to learn more about the secondment career options available at Lumen Legal.

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