Our Luminary Of The Year: Molly Frantti


At Lumen Legal, we started a special employee recognition program over ten years ago. It’s called the “Luminary of the Year” program after our company name, Lumen Legal. A “lumen” is a way to measure light and reminds us of the great entrepreneurial work of Thomas Edison.

The “Luminary of the Year” program allows employees to recognize each other’s good work. Each time an employee notices a co-worker’s good work inside or outside of the office, they can give him or her a lumen. To do this, they simply send the person a brief email (and copy our HR department) which explains why they’re awarding the lumen.

It feels good to give and receive lumens. It’s also fun to read the lumen emails to learn about the good work you may not have known about. In many cases, lumens are given for going above and beyond the call at work. But sometimes they’re for accomplishments outside of work such as running your first 5K or volunteering for a local charity.

At each of our quarterly all employee meetings, we put slips of paper in a hat and pull a random winner. Each slip of paper has a person’s name on it. For each lumen you’ve received during the quarter, you have one slip of paper with your name on it in the hat. Our quarterly winners receive a gift card. Our annual winner receives a trip. Past winners have gone to Las Vegas, San Diego, New York City, Disney World and more. We all enjoy hearing about their trips.

This year’s annual winner was Molly Frantti (pictured here).  Molly is a VP of Finance and Administration in our Troy, Michigan office.  We can’t wait to hear where she’s planning to go. Congratulations Molly!


Chairman & CEO

With an MBA and 23 years of marketing experience, Lynn oversees Lumen’s marketing team while enjoying the daily challenges of running a national legal staffing company. She is deeply committed to protecting and growing the relationships that differentiate Lumen from others in the legal services space. Under her leadership, Lumen was also certified as a woman owned company by WBENC.

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