The Future for ALSPs and Law Firms is Collaborative not Competitive: Read Dave Galbenski’s Article for The American Lawyer


David Galbenski, EVP of Strategic Initiatives at Lumen Legal, recently authored an article for The American Lawyer that addresses the outlook for ALSPs and traditional law firms in the coming years. Conventional wisdom suggests that the relationship will be a competitive one, with ALSPs and law firms battling it out for supremacy. However, as David explains, a collaborative model will likely prevail, with ALSPs enhancing—not hindering—the ability of law firms to do what they do best, which is solving difficult legal problems for clients.

By leveraging the processes, systems, and technological capabilities of ALSPs, law firms can provide better, more effective legal services for clients and continue to grow. Indeed, ASLPs and law firms are not competing in a zero-sum game. Statistics show that both parties are growing and succeeding and that trend is likely to continue. Collaboration, not competition, will mark the future. To read David’s article in The American Lawyer, click: For Law Firms and ALSPs, the Future Is About Collaboration.

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EVP Strategic Initiatives

Dave founded Lumen Legal 25 years ago. He enjoys providing his thoughtful, creative, and innovative counsel to law firms and corporate law departments looking to solve problems and reduce costs.

He also enjoys staying abreast of all developments in the legal industry and has contributed to the dialogue with two books: Legal Visionaries and Unbound: How Entrepreneurship is Dramatically Transforming Legal Services Today. He is a frequent speaker at conferences.

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