Project Highlights

  • A global company with a smaller in-house legal team needed help with complex contracts.

  • When faced with a lack of capacity, they wanted a trusted alternative to outside counsel.

  • Lumen’s Commercial Contracts group offered them highly-skilled resources on-demand to meet their needs on a cost-effective hourly basis.

The Scenario:

A Midwest-based global manufacturing company had been successfully utilizing Lumen’s Commercial Contracts group to review and negotiate their Non-Disclosure Agreements. Based on this trust, they asked Lumen to handle complex contracts because they lacked in-house capacity to manage all of them and found themselves sending them to outside counsel too often.

Our Solution:

  • Lumen met with the in-house team to understand their needs and what type of experience and background their Lumen team would need.

  • Lumen allocated capacity from an experienced team of its lawyers to handle the work.

  • The process and negotiating playbook were developed for each contract type to ensure consistency.

  • SLA’s and reporting were agreed upon prior to the work beginning.


The Lumen solution allowed the client to supplement their in-house legal team with seasoned on-demand professionals. Whenever the client needs additional capacity, they now have a trusted cost-effective option to get the work done.