Project Highlights

  • A team of Japanese language reviewers was needed

  • It was difficult to find enough reviewers in one Midwest market

  • Lumen identified a strong team that was engaged multiple times by our client

Estimated Corporate Client Savings: $250,000 vs. large law firm rates

The Scenario:

An international automotive corporation engaged Lumen Legal to provide a team of document reviewers fluent in Japanese for ongoing litigation. Lumen’s challenge was to secure experienced electronic document reviewers with native or near-native Japanese fluency whose previous experience did not conflict with our client’s current case.

Our Solution:

  • Lumen drew upon its proprietary database of more than 430,000 legal professionals and its strong presence in the legal marketplace to reach out to Japanese speaking candidates from coast to coast.

  • Our client selected reviewers from both the east and west coasts. We coordinated travel and lodging for the team.

  • The project was completed successfully within the client’s timeframe.


Over the two week project, the client saved $250,000 vs. large law firm rates and was so pleased with the end result that they engaged the same reviewers on subsequent projects, recognizing significant cost savings and a superior work product.