Project Highlights

  • A chemical company wanted to analyze and report on its total legal spend with additional clarity and accuracy

  • They didn’t have the tools necessary to do the job themselves

  • Lumen Legal offered the right solution to achieve their objectives

Client Benefit:  A web-based data analytics tool which allows new insight into managing and reporting legal spend

The Scenario:

The legal department of a leading chemical manufacturer was seeking to cost effectively gain additional insights into the total legal spend of the company.  The company desired to have a web-based analytics platform to aggregate the legal spend of the business units and the legal department into a single platform. The goal was to increase the efficiency of generating internal legal spend reports while providing quantitative data to support changing the existing legal service delivery model.

Our Solution:

  • Lumen recommended a leading legal spend analytics platform to aggregate all of the legal spend of the company. Lumen worked with the legal team to develop the process to obtain the legal data from its law firm network in a digital format for easy upload into the platform.

  • In addition, Lumen shared best practices on how best to analyze the data and provided options to the company to get legal work done more efficiently and cost effectively.


With Lumen’s help, the company successfully uploaded their historical data into the platform and tracked ongoing legal spend. Internal reporting was enhanced and the client is now focused on using the data to facilitate changes to the existing legal service delivery model.