Project Highlights

  • Due to downsizing, a large manufacturer was moving to a smaller facility

  • Two departments had retained 10,000+ boxes of documents

  • In just over eight months, Lumen’s team of 12 attorneys effectively reviewed all the documents per the record retention policy

Client Benefits: Reduced risk associated with improper document review & retention, reduced storage costs, an updated document retention policy and an estimated cost savings of $1.3 million over traditional law firm rates.

The Scenario:

A large Michigan manufacturer of home building products identified a problem. It was relocating and could not house thousands of legal and accounting documents that had not been properly reviewed and categorized under the record retention policy. Due to downsizing, the corporation did not have the internal personnel to dedicate to the project.

Our Solution:

  • Lumen assembled a team of attorneys who could understand the legal department’s complex litigation and IP documents and review them according to the company’s document retention, audit and legal hold policies.

  • The team size was quickly doubled to include Accounting documents and documents from other business units.

  • In addition to significantly reducing the number of documents by over 60%, our team also helped improve the corporation’s document retention policy and offered solutions to internal record keeping concerns.


With Lumen’s help, the corporation was able to complete the work prior to its move without hiring new staff or increasing the existing team’s already heavy workload. The risk associated with improper document retention was eliminated while managing an audit review and several legal holds. In addition, $1.3 million was saved by using Lumen Legal vs. an outside law firm.