Project Highlights

  • A Fortune 150 company needed help to handle on-demand legal research and writing assignments

  • Attorneys with a high-level of critical thinking skills were needed to complete these projects on deadline

  • Lumen assembled a team of attorneys to be ready, as needed

Estimated Client Savings: 60% vs. large law firm rates

The Scenario:

A large insurance and financial services company engaged Lumen to put together a cost-effective solution to help their litigation department quickly conduct research and writing on discrete issues across a wide variety of subject matters. In some cases, the attorneys would be asked to complete extensive legal research and summarize their results.  In others cases, they would be asked to do research and put together a brief or motion. Projects ranged from several hours to several days and required quick turnaround with specific deadlines for completion.

Our Solution:

  • Lumen quickly assembled a team of seasoned attorneys in our Michigan review center who could immediately handle the assignments.

  • In a short period of time, their high-quality work and timeliness created confidence in the solution which has expanded in scope and scale.

  • The work product from the Lumen team has been used by the company to settle insurance claims, change operating protocol and formulate new policy.


The benefit of the Lumen solution is simple. It has expanded the capability of a busy corporate litigation department without adding headcount or requiring the use of outside counsel at higher rates. Since the initial assignment, the client has given Lumen 20+ additional assignments which has saved them 60% over large law firm rates. The work is ongoing and growing.