Project Highlights

  • A global manufacturer wanted to focus their in-house team on highest and best use tasks.

  • As a result, they wanted to find a trusted partner to review and negotiate their high volume, low complexity agreements.

  • Lumen’s Commercial Contracts group optimized the process and allocated the work to the appropriate resource in order to offer the client a cost-effective solution.

The Scenario:

A well-regarded global company found their business units were generating an abundance of legal agreements that needed quick review by their legal team. However, the GC wanted to dedicate most of his legal resources to their highest and best use instead of asking them to spend their time reviewing and negotiating basic agreements. He wanted to outsource the work but was concerned about quality, responsiveness and reporting.

Our Solution:

  • Lumen met with the in-house team to fully document the process and develop the negotiating playbook for each contract type.

  • SLAs were agreed to and custom reporting was developed.

  • A weekly meeting between the client and Lumen’s contract team was established to ensure the client’s needs were met and any problems quickly addressed.

  • Lumen now functions as an extension of the company’s legal team.


The Lumen solution allowed the client to focus his in-house team on the most important legal issues facing his company while still meeting the ongoing needs of his business units. He now enjoys faster contract turnaround, transparent reporting and an attractive hourly rate.