Project Highlights

  • Our client wanted to add summer interns to their department

  • But they didn’t want to add headcount or the administrative burden

  • Lumen Legal stepped in and hired the interns directly

Client Benefit: Our client was able to offer a summer intern program

The Scenario:

A Fortune 500 utility company had a summer internship program but did not want to add headcount to its department. Nor did it want the administrative burden associated with the on-boarding and payroll administration process.

Our Solution:

  • Lumen hired the interns and assigned them to work with our client.

  • Lumen Legal’s team of experts immediately began the process of on-boarding the pre-identified talent, completing all necessary paperwork and complying with all legal regulations to successfully administer each intern’s wages.

  • A single point of contact was available throughout the summer to answer all questions/concerns and at the end of the summer, the Lumen team off-boarded the interns.


Lumen Legal enabled our client to continue its short-term summer intern program without having to add headcount or take on the administrative burden.