Project Highlights

  • A large law firm asked Lumen Legal to assist with a document review for two clients

  • Our team reviewed 300,000 documents quickly and efficiently in a short window

  • Based on our strong performance, the law firm continued to expand our workload

Estimated Corporate Client Savings: $4 million vs. traditional large law firm staffing models

The Scenario:

Lumen Legal was engaged by a high-profile U.S. law firm to provide a team of document review attorneys to work on a large-scale, long-term anti-trust matter involving two of the firm’s prominent technology clients.

Our Solution:

  • The Lumen team, led by Lumen’s Six Sigma project manager, met with the law firm to understand the overall case background and goals as well as the level of review and project management necessary to deliver successful results.

  • Lumen’s solution included a proven team of licensed attorneys with previous document review experience and a project management plan centered around established project goals, daily team meetings and weekly reporting of agreed upon metrics.

  • The team reviewed approximately 300,000 documents for responsiveness, privilege and approximately 30 issue tags. Additionally, the team was called on to perform extensive quality control and redaction and the firm selected a small group of team members to create the privilege log.

  • Based on the team’s extensive knowledge of the case and outstanding performance, the firm also engaged the team to review documents produced by the other co-defendants and the plaintiffs for importance to the case and to prepare extensive summaries and chronologies for deposition preparation.


Over five months, Lumen’s solution provided our law firm with high quality review, project management and metrics, in addition to an overall cost saving for its corporate client of $4 million vs. traditional large law firm staffing models.