Project Highlights

  • A large team of document review attorneys was needed by our client

  • Over three years, Lumen Legal provided a team of up to 80 attorneys to work on-site and remotely

  • Our flexible model allowed the client to meet all of their production goals

Estimated Corporate Client Savings: $13 million over three years vs. traditional law firm staffing models

The Scenario:

A prominent boutique litigation law firm with an emphasis on complex litigation in the financial services area engaged Lumen Legal to provide a team of attorneys for a document review project.

Our Solution:

  • Our team worked closely with law firm attorneys, co-counsel and project managers to gain an understanding of the case and the issues involved in order to provide many experienced document review attorneys.

  • Our attorneys initially began a first level review for responsiveness, confidentiality and privilege. They identified hot documents, tagged issues and completed redaction.

  • Our client selected a core team of attorneys to conduct quality control, create a decision log and create a comprehensive list of all outside counsel (over 200 firms) for the privilege review/log.

  • The model allowed us the flexibility to scale as needed in response to varying work flow which included the Lumen team members working 40+ hours per week to help the firm meet specific production timelines/goals.

  • Our team worked both on-site and remotely based on the availability of space at our client’s office. The size of the team was dictated by the volume and production deadlines (ranging from three to 80 people).


Our client was highly satisfied with the team’s work. For more than three years, Lumen was able to generate $13 million in savings on two major projects for the corporate client vs. traditional law firm staffing models.