Project Highlights

  • The client needed a secondee to insure the business’ legal needs were met during a medical leave

  • Advertising, marketing and regulatory FDA compliance experience required

  • Lumen identified an attorney with 10 years of experience who could hit the ground running

Estimated Client Savings:  $273,600 vs. large law firm rates

The Scenario:

Lumen Legal was engaged by a large chemical and consumer goods manufacturer to provide a high-level secondee to support the legal team during an internal medical leave. The client was interested in bringing on a secondee who could handle advertising, marketing and regulatory FDA compliance matters. While our client considered utilizing outside counsel, they found that it was simply not a cost-effective solution.

Our Solution:

  • The Lumen team met with members of the legal team to understand the overall goals for the secondee, necessary practice area experience and the company culture in order to develop a customized solution.

  • We delivered a high-level attorney with more than 10 years of in-house, regulatory and advertising experience. Most recently our attorney worked as Vice President and Senior Counsel of Regulatory Compliance at an American broadcast, consumer goods television network. In this capacity our attorney was responsible for regulatory compliance which consisted mostly of advertising and marketing compliance and verifying and substantiating claims of consumer products.

  • Not only did Lumen’s attorney have the substantive background, but also the professionalism to support our client remotely and report to supervisors across the country.

  • The project lasted eight months, allowing time for our secondee to work with the employee prior to the leave, and upon return to ensure effective training and collaboration.


Lumen’s solution allowed the department to function well without any negative business impact during the employee’s medical leave. The client also saved $273,600 over large law firm rates.