Project Highlights

  • Our client needed a highly experienced corporate attorney in Asia

  • Lumen provided the right person to meet the client’s needs

  • The Lumen attorney has since been hired by the client

Estimated Client Savings:  $1.1 million over two years vs. large law firms rates in Asia

The Scenario:

An international financial services client engaged Lumen to provide a high-level corporate attorney to join its legal team in Asia for a long-term project.   The challenge was to provide a corporate attorney with a combination of mergers & acquisitions, private equity and finance experience as well as the professionalism necessary to successfully manage and execute tasks at all levels of the organization. Lumen engaged its partner, Eversheds Agile, and together we conducted a global search of our combined resources in order to meet our client’s need.

Our Solution:

  • Lumen delivered. Our attorney had demonstrated experience with mergers & acquisitions, divestments, finance, joint ventures, and capital markets, in addition to a strong knowledge base of Asia’s regulations.

  • Previous secondments with a leading global investment bank and a distinguished career at all levels of corporate and firm life, provided our attorney the ability to successfully work across various business units and geographies. Stationed in our client’s Hong Kong office, our attorney brought a wealth of experience and a dedicated work ethic to the role, resulting in a superior work product.


Our secondee worked along side our client for two years in order to help with overflow needs and special projects. Our attorney’s success came from a combination of on-point experience and the ability to seamlessly integrate with the client’s team. The result was a cost savings of $1.1 million vs. large law firm rates in Asia and the attorney was hired permanently by the client.