Project Highlights

  • The client had captured a treasure trove of both in-house and outside counsel tasks performed

  • It needed to determine the best way to leverage the data to achieve its departmental objectives

  • Lumen Legal brought the right data analytics tools and industry expertise to the table

Client Benefit:   A new web-based analytics tool to assist with the ongoing management of total legal spend

The Scenario:

A Fortune 500 utility company was seeking to glean actionable insights from current and historical legal spend data captured from both its in-house counsel and outside counsel network. The goal was to empower individual users within the legal department to enhance their legal service delivery model while decreasing costs and increasing value based upon the analysis of this objective, empirical data.

Our Solution:

  • Lumen identified the best data analytics technology to analyze the current and historical legal spend data to identify opportunities for the client.

  • The implementation of the technology allowed for easier report generation and detailed analysis to support ongoing and strategic decision making.


Lumen helped the client implement a leading, web-based data analytics solution to help with the ongoing management and operation of the department.