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Law school applicants on the rise?

While we’ve seen law schools close, merge or suspend enrollment over the last few years, it’s not uncommon for many to assume that a legal degree has somewhat lost its luster.  However, it seems we may be mistaken.  The legal industry recently felt a glimmer of hope fueled by applicant data and new testing options. There hasn’t been a significant increase in the number of law school applicants since 2010.  … Continue reading

Is Law School Making a Comeback?

After years of challenges and declining admissions, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel for law schools.  Are more students are considering law school as a viable career option? The ABA Journal recently reported that LSAT tests administered in December of 2016 increased 7.6% over December of 2015, as confirmed by the Law School Admission council.   Yes, the number has increased.   And that increase is the … Continue reading

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