summary of services

Since 1993, Lumen legal has partnered with law firms and Fortune 1000 corporate legal departments to identify ways to reduce legal spend while maintaining high quality.




When corporate counsel need access to highly-skilled attorneys on flexible terms, they call us.  We help them avoid overhead costs associated with utilizing law firm secondees or by adding permanent legal department headcount. Our secondees can handle sophisticated matters, because they have previously worked as in-house attorneys or law firm associates/partners. They have expertise in all areas of law and can work on-site or remotely. Assignment length ranges from one month to one year or more. And like all Lumen Legal professionals, they’re thoroughly screened and covered by our professional liability coverage.  Learn more.

Document review

Law firms attorneys and corporate counsel around the country call us when they are preparing for a new document review. We assemble experienced teams to work at a client’s location, a remote location or at the Lumen Review Center in Michigan. Our Center offers Six Sigma project management and on-site IT support in a fully secured environment. Our experienced project attorneys have worked on hundreds of legal matters from across the country, involving a variety of practice areas. Our goal is to provide quality, transparency and efficiency in a world-class environment. Learn more.


Instead of outsourcing legal work to a law firm, corporate clients often ask us to handle it. When you need a team of two or more attorneys to handle ongoing core legal work such as commercial contracts review, call us. We can provide experienced professionals to work at your location, remotely or in our Lumen Review Center. We’ll give them the technology tools they need to get the work done efficiently and securely. We’ll provide you with the productivity and activity reporting you need. And our project managers will identify workflow process efficiencies that can lead to reduced cost and fixed fee pricing. Learn more.

contract staffing

We help clients fill openings when they can’t hire directly or need temporary help. Our contract legal professionals can fill short-term staff vacancies, take on special projects or address work overload situations. We draw from an extensive database of more than 400,000 professionals nationwide. If you have pre-identified legal talent but can’t make a permanent hire, we can help with our payroll service. We can transition your professionals to be Lumen Legal employees. Learn more.

direct hire

Our highly skilled legal recruiters use their expertise to identify top talent in the marketplace. The greatest value for our clients is our ability to identify passive candidates – those high performing professionals currently employed but not actively looking – who may be the right fit. And rest assured, all of our candidates are personally interviewed and their credentials are thoroughly verified. Learn more.

legal spend analytics

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. We help our corporate clients spend smarter with outside counsel by giving them better insight into their legal spend. Our technology allows clients to compare their legal expenses to those of other similar corporations. Clients can benchmark spending by law firm, matter, geography, timekeepers and more. Together, we have identified excessive billing, facilitated better rate negotiations and suggested ways to leverage alternative providers. In short, we have helped our clients unlock the value in their legal spend. Learn more.


We pride ourselves on our legal industry knowledge. To that end, we publish a blog, and a quarterly profile of a legal visionary. In addition, our Founder is an author and speaker. His book Unbound: How Entrepreneurship is Dramatically Transforming Legal Services Today has been sold throughout the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia and Russia. In his latest book, Legal Visionarieshe interviewed 27 legal visionaries including corporate counsel, law firm leaders, law school professors, entrepreneurs, consultants, venture capitalists and more.