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Legal Spend Analytics

With 23 years of experience, we help our corporate clients unlock more value by giving them better insight into their law firm legal spend. What if you could easily benchmark your spend data against your peers? Would you realize you’re paying more per hour for the same lawyer than others? Could you identify matters that are taking longer than they should? The key is getting other corporate legal departments to share their data with us for their benefit and yours. We’ve done that.

Increase Transparency Into Your Legal Spend

We partner with a leading technology company to unlock treasure troves of data trapped in law firm invoices. We then apply data analytics to increase transparency into a corporation’s legal spend.

  • First, we import your legal invoices into a secure database.
  • Next, we intelligently tag invoice details.
  • Then we compare your data to all the other companies’ data in our database.
  • This provides instant transparency into spend and unique benchmarking.


  • Case Study: Utility Company Decreases Cost While Adding Value

  • Legal Spend Analytics
  • Partnership

    A Fortune 500 utility company was seeking to glean actionable insights from current and historical legal spend data captured from both its in-house counsel and outside counsel network.  The goal was to empower individual users within the legal department to enhance their legal service delivery model while decreasing costs and increasing value based upon the analysis of this objective, empirical data.  Lumen helped the client implement a leading, web-based data analytics solution to help with the ongoing management and operation of the department.   CONTINUE READING.