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Commercial Contracts Outsourcing

Is your corporate legal department being forced to do more with less? Would you like to elevate your internal staff to their highest and best use but find yourself inundated with legal contracts from the commodity to the complex?  Lumen Legal can help.

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Contract Types

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)/Confidentiality Agreements
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Direct and Indirect Procurement Contracts
  • Master Service Agreements (MSAs)
  • Statements of Work (SOWs)
  • Real Estate Agreements
  • Misc. (Wage Garnishments, Reseller Agreements, etc.)

“Our legal department was overwhelmed with commercial contracts. The volume was only increasing due to global expansion, increased regulation and the complexities of operating in a digital space. We couldn’t add headcount, but the business units still had deals to get done. Something had to change.”

— General Counsel at a Telecommunications Company
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Better Results

Giving routine high-volume, repetitive legal work to outside counsel is too costly.  Many corporate legal departments rely on Lumen Legal to handle their work with higher quality, quicker response, better management information and at lower cost than in-house resources.

  • Better Quality.  We thoroughly vet the attorneys, paralegals and other professionals who work in our Commercial Contracts group. Our team members specialize in contracts and develop an expertise for particular documents types – what might take them 20 minutes could take an inexperienced attorney twice as long to complete. We review your current process, suggest process improvements and completely document the final process so the work is done the way you want it, every time.
  • Consistency:  we work with you to develop the negotiating playbook to insure your guidelines are followed and to reduce escalation time.
  • Quicker Response:  we complete your work based on agreed upon SLAs
  • Management Information:  we provide you with custom reports at your desired frequency
  • Lower Cost:  we optimize the appropriate level of resources to the task so you don’t over pay and have cost certainty

“Why Lumen Legal?  We’re backed by AdvanceLaw.  AdvanceLaw helps nearly 200 of the most innovative U.S. General Counsel identify and select strong law firms and alternative legal service providers (ALSP’s) for their needs. Those recommended go through a thorough vetting process and exhibit the characteristics of quality, client-service and efficiency. Lumen Legal is the only ALSP to be recommended for the past five years.”

— David Galbenski, Founder & EVP of Strategic Initiatives at Lumen Legal

  • Case Study: Global Manufacturer Adds Lumen to Their Senior Contracts Team

  • Commercial Contracts Outsourcing
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    A Midwest-based global manufacturing company had been successfully utilizing Lumen’s Commercial Contracts group to review and negotiate their Non-Disclosure Agreements. Based on this trust, they asked Lumen to handle complex contracts because they lacked in-house capacity to manage all of them and found themselves sending them to outside counsel too often. CONTINUE READING

“Our contracts work increased 30% last year and now some of our business units are asking for faster turnaround times and even weekly status reports.  I’ve got my hands full trying to add contract expertise in areas like privacy, IT and SaaS.  I’d like to document our processes and develop negotiating playbooks but I don’t have the time and no one is giving me the budget to do it.”

— Contracts Administrator at a Global Retailer
Lumen Can Help

  • Case Study: Lumen Helps Telecommunications Company Scale Contract Review

  • Commercial Contracts Outsourcing
  • A well-known telecommunications company was seeking to optimize its intake, allocation and review process for high volume agreements.  They were being inconsistently reviewed and negotiated because there was no consistent processes or playbooks.  In addition, cost was too high because some regions did the work in-house while others used outside counsel.  They partnered with Lumen to find a scalable solution.  CONTINUE READING.