Solutions for Companies


More is expected of corporate legal departments these days, but many lack the resources to carry out their mandates. With a great deal of legal work shifting in-house, and away from traditional law firms, legal departments need new alternatives to help them provide legal services better, faster, and more economically than ever before.

At Lumen Legal, we offer companies solutions for important tasks, such as contract and document review, that are too expensive to outsource to a law firm and too time-consuming to perform in-house. Corporate legal departments count on Lumen Legal to handle their work with higher quality, quicker response, better management information, and at lower cost than other alternatives. By working with Lumen Legal, our clients are able to get the results they need, while elevating their outside counsel and internal staff to their highest and best use.





From privately-held businesses to Fortune 500 public companies, we serve clients in diverse industries across the country.